Voting Information

Register to vote online here.

Review and edit your voter registration here.

Locate your polling place here.

Due to COVID-19, all Connecticut voters are eligible to cast an absentee ballot. Check COVID-19 as your excuse on the absentee ballot form. It will be mailed to your residence or you can download one here. Return the form to your town/city clerk.

You should receive your absentee ballot in early October, about a month before the General Election. Complete the ballot using the included instructions and place in the ballot drop box located outside your town/city hall or a United States Postal Service box. Only ballots received before 8:00 PM on November 3 will be counted.

For more information, review this document or contact the Secretary of the State’s office.


Contact the election officials for Berlin here and for Meriden here.

Contact the Connecticut Secretary of the State here.

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